Driving conditions are tough on the beach right now. Tides have been running high with little tidal movement so there is only soft sand to drive on and there is a lot of debris on the back beach. 4×4 vehicles have no problem getting through but we rescued a couple of stuck 2wd vehicles yesterday at Jetty Park and the top of the beach and watched many others being rescued. If you don’t have a 4×4 now is not a good time to try and drive on the beach. Tides are starting to fall so driving conditions should improve soon.

The water on the beach is stained Β right now due to runoff from the Brazos river. The beach conditions have been calm most of this week, but waves will build to 3ft today and maintain that level for a few days. 2 of the 4 sensors at Jetty Park are showing medium bacteria levels. The other 2 are reporting low. As fresh water inflows from the Brazos slow down, water conditions will improve and we should see clear green water on the beach again.