Beach Driving Tips

Matagorda Beach can be a tough place to drive due to the soft sugar sand we have. The beach conditions change every day, so one day the driving conditions are good and cars can get miles down the beach. The next day the sand is soft and those same cars don’t make it more than 10 feet off the pavement. If you are planning to drive on the beach, these tips should help you.

  • Carry plenty of water. If you do get stuck way down beach, it could be a while before you are rescued. Make sure you are prepared.
  • Carry a shovel if possible. If you have 4x4 and a shovel, you can get out of almost anything on the beach.
  • Most vehicles will handle the sand better if you disable the traction control on your vehicle. There is usually a button on the dash that will do this.
  • Let some air out of your tires. When the conditions are soft, we air our tires down to 20PSI. This will make the ride better and you will float on the sand rather than dig into it. Beware of running lower pressures unless you are experienced as your tire can come off the rim. Stanley’s has an air compressor you can use to air back up once off the beach.
  • Keep your vehicle moving in the soft sand. If you do get into something too deep and you feel like you are bogging down and losing momentum, then stop. Do not continue to hit the gas once you have lost momentum. This will only bury your vehicle to the frame and guarantee that you need that shovel mentioned above. If you have not let your tire pressure down, this is a good time to do it. Sometimes lowering the air pressure in your tires and shoveling a little sand out of the way is all you need to do to get unstuck.
  • Know the tides. Just because you are able to drive down beach on hard packed sand does not mean you can come back that way. When the tide comes up, often the soft high road on the beach is the only way back and only 4x4s will be able to push through it.
  • If you follow a trail over the dunes, beware of the mud. Some of the mud on the backside of the beach is very thick and you will not escape without calling a tow truck. If you have to call a tow truck to a back area of the beach, plan to spend in excess of $500 to be rescued. Check the emergency info page for tow truck contact information.
  • When passing people parked on the beach, slow down! Many people have dogs and kids that can run out in front of you. If you hit someone’s kid or dog doing 40mph down the beach, plan to go straight to jail.

Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your next trip to Matagorda. The last thing I will mention is don’t be an idiot. If you get stuck or have a problem on the beach while acting like a fool and doing donuts up and down the beach or speeding by parked cars and groups, no local is going to help you. If you get stuck while acting like an adult, chances are someone on the beach will give you a hand and save you the towing fee.

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We went yesterday and had a fun day!

Thank you for sharing! Beautiful!

The weather is great and the moon is bright over the water tonight.....

I miss the 🏝

Beach looks great 👍🏻

Did you go?

Mee too!


Jump in

Breath taking

Looks just as nasty as last week!

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6 days ago

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We’ll be there for the holiday!!! Really hoping for some cleaner water. Brandi Beakley


Driving so fast

is the entrance slick too ?

Why is it always like that when I'm NOT there?????😝

Brian Rey Mendieta

Will Yates

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Thank you to the “Tropical Maniacs of Matagorda “ foundation The palm trees that they put in and are caring for are looking good! There has been no rain since that were planted and volunteers have been helping keep them watered. Can’t wait to see them in a few years when they grow up. 
Some reflectors had been donated and put in place but someone must have needed them more and took them all. It was kinda disappointing..We hope whoever took the reflectors are getting good use of them.
If you would like to get involved with Beaches and Bay Area Beautification contact @cincodavant with @tropicalmaniac . The more involvement we can get the more we can do to Make Matagorda’s Beaches and Bay Areas Beautiful.

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We were there Sunday it looks great love the palms 👍🏻

That looks wonderful! It's such an improvement.

Loved seeing them. Now I know who is responsible. Good community sense. Thank you.

Love the palms! Thank you for your hard work.

Beautiful thank you.

Now I cant swerve in between lanes....I'm just playing the first time I drove by right after they put them in they were beautiful...havent seen them since but I bet they look really good now

No worries. I’m coming down next week. I’m sure we’ll get rain every day. LOL. Thanks for the Palm love. I’ve been loving the place for about. 25 years

Cinco Davant I would love to be added to help with the beautification of our island!

What comes around, goes around. Whoever took them, it'll come back 10 fold. Other than that, they look great! ❤

Where is this location?

I swear there’s some real BOZOS out there who in the hell would say let’s steal the reflectors well never mind the same BOZOS that leave all their trash and stuff on the beach

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