Matagorda Beach Rules & Regulations

  • Driving on the beach requires a $10 beach vehicle permit.
  • Only registered vehicles are allowed on the beach. $50-500 fine. Golf carts may be registered and driven on the beach. You can find the registration form and rules here.
  • The beach is a state highway. All normal motor vehicle laws apply.
  • The official speed limit on the beach is 20mph.
  • Driving in the dunes or on vegetation is illegal & contributes to beach erosion.
  • No Glass Containers!
  • No swimming near the jetties or pier. There are strong currents in this area.
  • Camping is permitted with no additional fee. You may camp for up to 72 hours.
  • No Littering! Pack out all trash.
  • Do not park blocking the beach entrance.

Matagorda Beach Rentals

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I’ll take a “rank” day at the beach over a day at work any day if the week!

We always say the surf is “angry” when it’s like that

Well the wind is about to blow us away.. angry surf fighting back

Hey amigo the TGSA has a contest on call this weekend in the ghetto. If it goes of will swing in and say hello


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Bretters😍 Brett Ledbetter

Beautiful place to be...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mother nature give us some sunshine. Us coastals are going stir crazy.

That is some yuucckkyy water 😬

Beautiful picture! Thanks!

So beutiful!

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Beach fires in the winter are always the bomb! Stay Tropical My Friends! Grab friends head to the beach and light it up! #beach #bonfire #tropicalmaniac #beachvibes #friends #smiles #sunset


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Miranda West, Paulina Kieliszewska, Grady Bell, Rafael Cabrera....... This needs to be us very soon !

Jay B. Johnson ❤️❤️

Ty Gilleon

Miss this so bad

Love it!!!

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