Matagorda Beach Rules & Regulations

  • Driving on the beach requires a $10 beach vehicle permit.
  • Only registered vehicles are allowed on the beach. $50-500 fine. Golf carts may be registered and driven on the beach. You can find the registration form and rules here.
  • The beach is a state highway. All normal motor vehicle laws apply.
  • The official speed limit on the beach is 20mph.
  • Driving in the dunes or on vegetation is illegal & contributes to beach erosion.
  • No Glass Containers!
  • No swimming near the jetties or pier. There are strong currents in this area.
  • Camping is permitted with no additional fee. You may camp for up to 72 hours.
  • No Littering! Pack out all trash.
  • Do not park blocking the beach entrance.


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Stephanie Murphy Gable

With all the poo poo water

16 miles down to Mermaid Beach, smooth driving, great fishing & fun times!Image attachment


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Never seen the mermaid beach just the nude beach

Greg Cameron we must go!

2 beautiful mermaids 🧜🏼‍♀️ 😘😍

Where is this? Down for my b day and got stuck in the sand yesterday 🙁

For some reason I thought this was on the OTHER side of the river... 16 miles down... And you kayaked down there... I must have been in the sun too long lol 🌴❤️🐬😳😎🎉

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