Emergency Information

If you have a life threatening emergency, immediately call 911 and let them know what type of emergency you have and that you are located on Matagorda Beach.. Try and be very specific about your location. If you just say you are on the beach, it will be hard to find you. There are mile markers for the first 3 miles on the beach – these will indicate your location to EMS.

Matagorda beach is a remote location especially as you head further down the beach. If you have a medical emergency at the top of the beach and need an ambulance, it will be over an hour before you get to the hospital.  It can take much longer if you are down beach. Keep this in mind before doing anything stupid or if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Also travel with an adequate first aid kit and be prepared to handle emergencies on your own for a while until help arrives.

Local Law Enforcement & EMS

Dial 911 for all emergencies
Sheriff’s Department Non-Emergency (979) 245-5526
US Coast Guard Houston/Galveston Sector 281-464-4800

Beach Towing

Jackson Services 979-244-1831
Kresta Wrecker Service 979-532-8859


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I drove a very lightweight Jeep 4x4 that is lifted with tires good for the beach. You can drive there but 4x4 is recommended right now due to lack of rain recently. You can camp on the beach.

Sand is still very deep with challenging driving conditions (4x4 recommended), green water is closer to the beach but still past the breakers, breeze is cool & water feels nice!

We are heading down there this weekend...what is this blue water everyone talking about? Suppose to be clearer water?

If it is still bad like it was on memorial weekend I wouldn’t trust even with a 4x4. We didn’t get stuck but even in our jeep it was horrible. I’m not understanding why they aren’t having someone come out and blade the sand.

It is better driving conditions


Ok but I don't have a 4x4 where can I park and walk my things to the beach to put tent and how far is the walk?

Last time we went it was mess. So may cars got stuck.

Just over a week and we will be down there. Can't wait.

How do you get to this spot? And is it able to be driven on to put camping gear up

Can we ride on the beach now

Looks good


Makes me home sick 💜💜












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Beach Report - The beach is still very soft and driving conditions are bad as a result. The County has been trying to grade the top of the beach, but there is not much they can do about the lack of rain and super soft sand. The top of the beach will have the worst driving conditions this weekend. Once you get past 3 Mile Lake and where most of the traffic has been, the driving conditions actually improve some. The beach should still be considered 4x4 only this weekend.

Clear green water is trying to push up on the beach. The surf should be small this weekend transitioning to flat on Monday when green water should push all the way to the beach.

We are still under a burn ban in this area, so no open fires are allowed on the beach. Contained grills are ok.

UTVs are still not legal on the beach. For more information see the rules and regulations page on matagordabeach.org To stay up to date and see all the current conditions and events, please follow this page.
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3 weeks ago


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Kim Rinn

I would love to see the beach Monday if it has clear green water. Would be on a work day!!

Mro Jet

Oh yes Beach was bad memorial weekend.. I mean when you see a crew with shark towers you’d think they’d let you go but nooooo everyone got stuck In the entrance 😂😂 #4x4only

Went down there Tuesday evening.. didn't even make it to 3 mile.

Freddy Saavedra Quentin Saavedra Malissa Moore it's going to be a beachy weekend!!!!

Thank you for updating us.

Shelby Anderson might need to borrow your truck Monday morning 😉

Man I need to get out to the beach.

It was crazy deep sand. And crazy packed this past Memorial Day.

Sterling Shores Homeowners Association

Joseph Stone but babe!!! Ugh I just wanna go to the beach!!! 😢😢

Heather Baldwin

Lori Kubsch

Bridgette Allison Sluder

Jennifer Arlitt-Estrada - FYI!

Thanks for the update🏖

How bout the water in bacteria reported ?

Sweet...i'm off Monday!!

Send water trucks during the week.........just a suggestion

Gabby Martinez you're going to be sick Monday...😂

Brandon Smith Christina Collins FYI

Carolyn Allison Larsen

Anyone know what driving conditions are like on the beach today??

Anyone know if the green pretty water has arrived?

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