Emergency Information

If you have a life threatening emergency, immediately call 911 and let them know what type of emergency you have and that you are located on Matagorda Beach.. Try and be very specific about your location. If you just say you are on the beach, it will be hard to find you. There are mile markers for the first 3 miles on the beach – these will indicate your location to EMS.

Matagorda beach is a remote location especially as you head further down the beach. If you have a medical emergency at the top of the beach and need an ambulance, it will be over an hour before you get to the hospital.  It can take much longer if you are down beach. Keep this in mind before doing anything stupid or if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Also travel with an adequate first aid kit and be prepared to handle emergencies on your own for a while until help arrives.

Local Law Enforcement & EMS

Dial 911 for all emergencies
Sheriff’s Department Non-Emergency (979) 245-5526
US Coast Guard Houston/Galveston Sector 281-464-4800

Beach Towing

Jackson Services 979-244-1831
Kresta Wrecker Service 979-532-8859


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Stephanie Murphy Gable

With all the poo poo water

16 miles down to Mermaid Beach, smooth driving, great fishing & fun times!Image attachment


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Never seen the mermaid beach just the nude beach

Greg Cameron we must go!

2 beautiful mermaids 🧜🏼‍♀️ 😘😍

Where is this? Down for my b day and got stuck in the sand yesterday 🙁

For some reason I thought this was on the OTHER side of the river... 16 miles down... And you kayaked down there... I must have been in the sun too long lol 🌴❤️🐬😳😎🎉

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